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The Royal Britannian Guards
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A Chick - Royal Tamer
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Welcome to the web site of The Royal Britannian Guards. Please have a look around and share in our founder, Zeke Stargazer's vision. We seek new members who share our values of Honor, Courage, and Loyalty. Thank you for visiting.

Daria Blackmoore
Guild Leader

The Royal Britannian Guards guild is an organized association of people who enjoy roleplay and interaction in the lands of Ultima Online. Inspired by the Commander of the Royal Britannian Guard, Myrina Heron; the guild brings people who wish to be Royal Guards together on the Chesapeake Shard. It is a simple way to unite the Royal Guards and people who wish to be them.

You will see that there are no obligations to fulfill and no events you have to attend (although we'd love to see you there!). It is just a place to have fun. Also, we do not condone player murder and do not war.However we do offer wars under sister guilds for fun. For a definition of the difference between murder and killing please see our library section. If you don't play the game that much, don't sweat it. Whenever you do play, you should be able to find another member to interact with.

The best part about the guild is its' many diverse people. We have folks from Switzerland to Mississippi and we promote team work and not just an "on your own" roleplaying experience! The goal of this guild is to bring unity to people who wish to be in the Royal Britannian Guards.

Thank you for taking your time to check us out. If you feel your style of play matches ours please apply using the link below, so we will know you are interested.

How to join the Royal Britannian Guards

New members click here 
Current/Returning members click here

RBG News    

Governor to host Fishing Tournament in Trisnic

D. Blackmoore, Jan 28, 14 6:58 PM.

City Auction Returns!

D. Blackmoore, Jan 25, 14 10:28 AM.
       Last evening the city auction returned to good numbers and great sales as the long hiatus of the cities free auction ended. Nearly everything sold as just a few items went unsold mainly smaller rubble pieces. The high item of the night was a teleport tile set that went for an astronomical 40m with two shard hoppers bidding way beyond the items value to get the win! Big thanks to Jimmy,Shayla, Angus, Misfit, and new member Kheys for all thier help. The lotto and 50/50 sold out which means we added a few millions to the guilds funds. We continue to have a large gold supply to run future events!


Taphouse Construction Underway!

D. Blackmoore, Jan 18, 14 6:09 PM.
     The Ottersrun Taphouse is well on it's way to being back bigger and better than ever as construction is underway in the city of Guardians Gate. The renowned tavern of the Royal Guard gave way to unforseen circumstances and crumbled as we watched helplessly some months ago. With the luck of the ancients we have retained the lands and have been granted a second lease on life therein. BIG Thanks to Nomad for his help in it's retention. Any who possibly gathered any of the lost artifacts or trophies of the guild please contact me anytime to see them displayed again. Long live the guard!

Silvervale's First Annual Easter Bunny Hunt

D. Blackmoore, Mar 26, 13 2:39 AM.

Guardians Gate weekly Event - Horse Derby 1/30/13 9pm EST!

D. Blackmoore, Jan 28, 13 12:36 AM.
   Join us for the next event in our weekly series here in Guardians Gate. This weeks event is the Horse derby. All mounts will be acceptable, No gargoyles will be permitted to race. The winner's purse of 1,000,000 gold will go to the rider who completes the course first. 500k will go to second place and 250k to third. Gates will open in Luna at 8:30pm to the Ottersrun Taphouse, site of the races start/finish line. The nights race will take players around the mainland and thru the player run cities of Guardians Gate, Gyldenfeld, and Silvervale. Join us for some fun and check out the marathon race course below!

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Brtiannia's protectors are always around me. Together we will be able to save our lands.

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